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The Sylvia Plath Birthday Party Programme

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

The Sylvia Plath Society is inviting You to join to our virtual birthday party on 24 October 13.00 EST or 18.00 BST on Zoom.

In this year, we are celebrating Plath's 88th birthday.

You will need to register to the event here:

The four panels and speakers are listed below:

I. Plathoween: Occultism, Tarot, and Witches

Speakers: Giulia Listo, Julia Bramer, Dorka Tamás Chair: Sarah Corbett

II. Plath and Menstruation

Speakers: Emily Van Dyne, Eilish Mulholland, Maria Rovito

Chair: Nick Smart

III. Writing about Plath: Challenges and Pleasures

Speakers: Peter K. Steinberg, Gail Crowther, Dave Haslam

Chair: Kitty Shaw

IV. Plath and Parties: Celebrating Plath, Plath and Celebrations

Speakers: Julie Irigaray, Trish Grisafi, Jenna Finank

Chair: Dorka Tamás

To honour Plath and (the cancelled) Halloween, we encourage people to dress up in a costume. This could be a Plath-related dress (a Plath-poem, a character from The Bell Jar), or any traditional Halloween costume. We encourage our speakers and participants to grab a drink or have some snacks ready for the "party".

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