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Researching on Sylvia Plath: A Networking Event

We are delighted to invite You to our first PhD/Postgraduate networking event.

In this Zoom session, we aim to connect our members and other Plathians who are currently researching on Sylvia Plath, preferably at a PhD/Postgraduate level.

Do not worry if this does not apply to you: we will have other events open for the general public. This event aims to connect people around the world who are researching on Sylvia Plath’s life and work. As many of our members are early academics, we want to create a space for less established scholars to network, exchange research ideas, even collaborate.

The time and date of the event: 7 PM (GMT) 28th May (Friday) 2021

Register to the event on Zoom here:

The Sylvia Plath Society

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