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Links to Past Events - Zoomposia.

If you couldn't make it to either of the Zoomposia, you can watch them on YouTube - the first event is here. It features Mona Arsi, Sarah Corbett, Amanda Golden, Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick, Gary Leising, Maeve O'Brien, Nic Presley, Maria Rovito, and David Trinidad, and is presented by the indomitable organisers Gail Crowther and Peter K. Steinberg.

The second even can be found here. It features Di Beddow, Gail Crowther, Eva Stenskar, Peter Fydler, Peter K. Steinberg, Julie Irigaray, Dorka Tamas, Emily Van Duyne, Carl Rollyson, Kitty Shaw, and Giulia Listo, and is once again hosted by the erudite organisers Peter K. Steinberg and Gail Crowther.

The Sylvia Plath Society will keep you updated on any events in the future.

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