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The Sylvia Plath Society is introducing HUBS. These are circles of people who work in a particular field in relation to Plath. Run through Discord and moderated by us, we hope to bring together people with common interests and represent their work more widely.

Fan Hub

Sylvia Plath Ted Hughes_edited.jpg

Can't get enough Plath? Want to share images, theories, or random chit chat? Consider joining the SPS Fan Hub.

Scholars Hub


If you're researching, teaching, or publishing on Plath, you should join our Scholars Hub, where questions get asked and answered.

Creatives Hub


Are you an artist? A poet? A fashion designer? Whatever your discipline, this hub is to share inspirations and work.

Students Hub


Get essay help, research tips, interesting facts, and feedback on your analysis here in the SPS Students Hub.

Translator Hub


Whether you read in translation and have questions or translate Plath's work yourself, the Translator Hub is the community for you.



No community that represents your interest? You can suggest a HUB and we'll connect you with other Plathians.

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