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In Europe it is a legal requirement to display a statement in accordance with GDPR regulations to explain clearly how we use, store and share your data. The law also states that we must have a Data Protection Officer who takes charge of ensuring we conform to these standards. The Sylvia Plath Society operates worldwide, and adheres to the same standards everywhere.


The Sylvia Plath Society takes its legal and moral obligation to protect your data very seriously. Only our core team have access to the information you provide us with, including your name and email address. We use Google Contacts and Google Drive to store your information in a single account shared by our core team so that no one person is responsible for storing the information and it never needs to be shared, and we always use the BCC (blind copy) function in our emails so that we do not share your details with another Member. Any payments are at present taken by PayPal, so the Sylvia Plath Society does not hold your bank details.


At present, we use your data for sending emails and newsletters to communicate with our members. Generally these are emails which go to our entire membership, although we do contact individual members as appropriate. The Sylvia Plath Society pledges never to sell or share your data outside our organisation and to be transparent and seek consent before changing how we use your data.

If you become aware of a breach of protected data then inform our core team immediately on We will reach out to the recipients of breached data so that the data is destroyed and the integrity of your data is protected. Our Data Protection Office is at present shared between Dorka Tamás and Kitty Shaw, but we hope to soon appoint a person specifically to this role.

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